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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Angela Mortimer sacks prominent RPO organisation


On Tuesday 15th March, John Mortimer delivered the first of a series of presentations providing a solution to the poor standards currently being delivered in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing market. What’s now common place and accepted by SMEs is seriously destroying the reputation of quality-minded recruiters and has been doing so for the last 30 years. This also led to a public announcement that the Angela Mortimer group have sacked a prominent RPO organisation.

Research conducted by the Angela Mortimer PLC led to two conclusions; firstly that Angela Mortimer as a standalone agency is three times more effective at recruiting and putting candidates forward to interview when compare to their work through a managed RPO organisation. Secondly, clients of RPO contracts are less satisfied than their delivery partners think they are with the RPO service they receive. Thirdly, there has been no consolidation by RPO’s over the last 30 years.

Guests ranged from HR representatives from varying industries which included Retail, Communications, Banking and IT. There were also guests working within the RPO industry present. During the talk, John Mortimer (co-founder and CEO of leading recruitment group, Angela Mortimer) addressed the current landscape of RPO services and provided an insight into the future of RPO models. He covered the growing, split divisions within the industry and a number of fundamental misunderstandings before presenting both independent research and research conducted by the Angela Mortimer Group. The presentation was followed by a discussion with questions from the audience.

Going forward, the Angela Mortimer Group aims to uphold the following future policies:


  1. To help clients find quality and appropriate people, in small numbers or in volumes
  2. To provide their own package of products which amount to RPO

Alongside full service recruiting, Angela Mortimer also provides Payroll services, Training in-house recruiters, Full Reporting and access to HR advice to a global hedge fund, an international bank and a highly recognised property company.

This announcement was publically made as a call to arms for the SME quality suppliers to have the courage of their convictions as John Mortimer firmly believes that clients are fast moving towards a better quality product than what is available on the market today. With this taking place, he believes the SME market is ideally situated to take advantage of that demand.

 Click here for John's open letter. Watch the video here.

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