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The AM Induction

We: Isabelle Beijering and Sanne Theeuwes from the Amsterdam office - landed in London on Wednesday morning and took the tube to Piccadilly circus; what a lovely first impression of London! We continued our trip to Wardour Street. As we were looking for the office, we even asked a stranger if he might know where Angela Mortimer was located. At that time we were already standing in front of it, right…. Blame it on the early flight that morning.

While getting ourselves together we bumped into Angela Mortimer in the elevator. We were actually flabbergasted and honoured at the same time. But the most important thing: we felt welcomed immediately! The ops were very friendly as well: a smile and a warm welcome was exactly the case ;) They took our suitcases and showed us the wardrobe. Angela told us to feel at home, meet some people at the kitchen before the Induction would officially start. We were overwhelmed by how many employees are located in the office. Just a small reminder: in Amsterdam we are only 5….

After the wonderful and well deserved coffee we were ready for the Welcome with Chris, who then introduced Angela Mortimer. It was really interesting to listen to her story. We think Angela is the best speaker we’ve seen in ages. It was very inspiring and fascinating.

It was so nice to see everyone from all over Europe and to chat about how they are all working in the other offices. That night Melanie Bramwell (Director) took us for dinner with her amazing team in SoHo. The combination of different people within the company, great food and of course some wine made it an unforgettable experience. We went home after dinner because we wanted to be full of energy the next morning. Walking ‘home’ through SoHo was a great experience! On every corner there was live music and something spectacular to see.

The next day in the afternoon was the presentation of John: ‘Planning for Success’. He really made us think about our futures and ambitions. He made us write down 10 things we wanted to achieve in life to become successful. The talk made us realise that within the company there are so many opportunities to become successful. This made us even more proud to be a part of Angela Mortimer. With that in our minds we enjoyed the Hello Party very much. With lovely bites from NJ, champagne and of course beer we got to know the other people in a more informal way.

Kind regards.

Isabelle Beijering
Sanne Theeuwes

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