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Working Wednesday Well Spent


A working Wednesday was well spent attending the inaugural Stand Out in The Crowd Event hosted at Angela Mortimer’s offices in the beating heart and soul of Soho.  

The venue was a welcoming and colloquial space with plenty of Q&A interactivity from a panel of bubbly Consultants who took the time to showcase their expertise and backgrounds from their respective teams and industries. Attendees were asked to snapshot themselves and then were introduced to one another in a mini bio which paved the way for an open conversation unpicking what it is to be a millennial.  

With the shift in thinking bringing about the convergence of living, working, and learning in a career, our generation of be-er’s, as opposed to just do-er’s, will witness the startling reality that by 2035 there will be 9 billion people worldwide, with a workforce of 6 billion, 3 billion of which will be freelancers including 1 billion who will be digital nomads. What is more, on average 91% of millennials can expect to stay in a job for less than 3 years.  

This suggests professional dexterity and flexibility in the job market but emphasises the need to make each job count as a valuable springboard launching you into the next chapter. Moreover, it was the bilateral dynamic that really cracked open the quandary of just what is gainful graduate employment. It was this complimented by recent facts and figures that really emphasised the current state of the graduate employment market.

The panel showcased just a small selection of clients and candidates in order to case study the kind of roles and companies that Angela Mortimer provides its services to, places candidates in, offers consultative advice, and engages with in a commercial capacity. Their energy and enthusiasm was coupled with poignant insight comparing the realities of SME’s versus Corporate platforms; something that is painstakingly relevant for a generation saturated by main stream marketing campaigns and old school thinking that upsells ‘corporate brand’ at the cost of detailing the terms and conditions behind the Facebook likes, social prestige and perks of working for the likes of KPMG, PwC, or Google and beyond.

Moreover, it was through discussing the ins and outs of different career pipelines that a real flair and panache lit up the room in reminding any and all graduates about the need to think about who they are and exactly what they want out of a Graduate Employer, as much as what they need in order to thrive, both professionally and personally. All too often it is far too easy to forget about personal goals, aspirations, and how most effectively one operates and excels in light of being instantaneously sold by the glitz and glamour of Corporate brands, salary packages, the Friday drinks, monthly benefits and expenses and everything in-between that doesn’t satisfy the I from the anonymous worker bee in a corporate machine.  

Thus, the event was a fantastic and enlightening opportunity to talk about the shifting Graduate space and chew into the colour beyond black and white job descriptions. The evening concluded with a casual drinks social afterwards where more Angela Mortimer Consultants popped in and were on hand to answer questions and share their own experiences. What was really the cherry on top of the event was the panels interactivity in sharing social media hints and tips when it comes to platforms such as LinkedIn and ensuring you were  switched on to the realties of the internet, and so are your Facebook security settings and social media accounts.  

The event was altogether thoroughly enjoyable and very helpful, not only incentivizing graduates to crack on with the grind of academics, but also engendered an excitement and buzz about the plethora of opportunities out there once you dig a little deeper beyond Corporate brands! A sense of endearing and cheery hopefulness saw many skipping out with a spring in their step embracing the fact that yes, millennials may well change jobs on average 15-20 times in their lives (according to recent figures), but this will not be so in light of remembering and retaining a sense of self!

Charlotte Dathan

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