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Weathering The Storm

2017. An uncertain yet interesting time to be forging a path. With Trump, May, Corbyn, Macron and Le Pen dominating column inches and social feeds there is never a dull moment.

But what are the implications of the actions of these high profile figures for the workforce of tomorrow?

According to an article published in the Financial Times in the months following the referendum, numbers of corporate graduate vacancies have fallen by 8%. That figure originates from a survey circulated by the Association of Graduate Recruiters who earlier in 2016 predicted a 2% increase in vacancies from those very same employers.

The survey also announced a shrinking in the graduate market for the first time in four years, with AGR, Chief Executive, Stephen Isherwood, citing ‘the uncertainty of Brexit as the single biggest challenge facing recruiters in the year ahead. While there remain thousands of vacancies available for university graduates, school leavers will find many more options open to them for high quality jobs’.

The doom and gloom continues as graduate job site WikiJob reveals that 77% of university leavers voted to remain and 83% were shocked by the result. 39% of this demographic feel securing employment in the aftermath of the referendum is going to be harder and only 8% believe their chances have improved.

Apologies in advance to the Class of 2017, and actually 2015 & 2016.

However, we can absolutely turn those numbers on their head and restore some confidence. Corporate vacancies may have fallen by 8%, but we also know that 90% of university leavers apply for corporate schemes and only 14% are successful. These odds were never favourable.

On Wednesday 10th May the team at Angela Mortimer will be hosting a discussion to calm the nerves of the Class of 2017 (and 15 & 16) by highlighting opportunities presented within the Small to Medium sized Enterprise market. Incorporated within the workshop will be a direct comparison of the pros and cons of the SME market versus the corporate competition. Before fully flipping that earlier negativity on its head here are a few statistics to further whet the graduate appetite for Stand Out In The Crowd: 99% of the UK’s private sector companies are in fact SMEs and as a graduate you are 85% more likely to have your CV reviewed by a decision maker when applying to an SME.

Having presented the stark realities of the current climate we’ll endeavour to end on a high. Prospects acknowledge the uncertainty being experienced, however, they do recognise the UK economy has remained strong in the aftermath of Brexit and that the countries ‘attractiveness’ will ensure the UK remains a major graduate employer. They also highlight the administrative sector as an area that has in fact been impacted upon positively.

Both good signs for the Angela Mortimer Group. Referring back to the WikiJob statistics this further heightens the importance of recruiters and their role guiding the next generation with the somewhat daunting initial move form higher education to employment.

We couldn’t possibly end without reference to the snap election last week called by the Prime Minister geared towards ‘guaranteeing certainty and stability for the years ahead’. All press around the subject points towards the same (thankfully) positive outcome for recruitment and the workforce. Samantha Hurley, Director of Operations, APSCO, commenting that ‘the snap election offers the opportunity to get skills, jobs and recruitment up the agenda’.

Kate Shoesmith, Head of Policy (REC), echoes these sentiments: ‘I hope all parties go into this short, intense campaign with the value of a strong labour market to the UK economy at the forefront of their minds’. Shoesmith proudly exclaiming, the industry is worth £35 billion per annum and the job recruiters do touch lives on a daily basis, and this is a contribution that should be recognised.

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