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Recruitment gets 'Social'


Social media has transformed the way we communicate with each other, often creating blurred lines between our public and private spheres. For businesses and organisations social media platforms can provide everything from initial client engagement to growing sales and creating lasting brand identity. So how do social platforms aid recruitment?

According to the Angela Mortimer Group Blue Book 2017, most candidates “rated recruitment agencies, word of mouth, and recommendations, as top sources of new employment”, while “social media ranked second to last in usefulness”. Social media, although proven essential in building a strong and personable brand identity can be seen as unreliable in a climate of ‘fake news’. Recruitment agencies use their social platforms to both self promote and promote jobs, but is it easier for candidates to use a direct recruitment site that offers no distractions and no non job related pop ups.

However we currently know from our friendly source Glassdoor that 79% of job seekers are using social media in their job search, this figure increases to 86% when looking at younger job seekers in the first 10 years of their careers. But what elements of social media are these seekers looking for? What social strategy should recruitment adapt to attract the best calibre candidate? Sites like LinkedIn have combined professional and personal relationships, by using their platform as a source to keep in touch with colleagues and classmates while primarily allowing users to promote themselves in their field and search for jobs.

Recruitment needs a nuanced social media strategy. A candidate’s success in finding employment is based on a variety of factors-factors that are based a great deal on interpersonal relationships. Social media must aid these interpersonal relationships and ‘attract’ the candidate, but is it for the job search itself or are other factors more affecting and in focus?

Social media allows recruitment agencies to ‘cross-pollinate’ their marketing initiatives, working alongside other industries and educational institutions to connect employers and candidates. This seamless ability to ‘piggyback’ on each other’s marketing efforts re-creates their successful business relationships in the virtual arena while reducing marketing costs and promoting credibility. However social media must not override the interpersonal relationships, it must act as a creative platform to document a ‘brand narrative’, potentially reach new audiences and contribute to the larger digital community. We as recruiters need to be prominent on social media to promote our brand identity however we must not allow social media to make us anti-social.

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